Every day hundreds of Roman families are in difficulty in finding basic necessities; We at Food at no cost do not stop recovering and distributing food to those who need it most.
Help us not to leave anyone behind: even a small contribution can make a difference.
We thank you with all our heart.


Monetary Donation

Donate as you want, as much as you want!

Make one or more families happy with a simple gesture, a small donation can do much more than you think! 1TP4 I also help a family

Donation of Goods

You can donate your time or with a collaboration

You can also help with a collaboration (discounts at your store, surplus donation or other!) Or by donating some of your free time!

Monetary donation

A small amount of money may have little or no impact on a normal family but for a family in need it can make a difference.


Do you want to contribute to the cause by investing some of your free time? Fill out the form. You can choose the time slot and the days in which to help us.

Surplus donation

Do you have a supermarket, a business and do you often have food surpluses? Contact us to find an agreement to give them to us and help us.

Donation by bank transfer

Payable to: Free food

IBAN: IT18K0 83270 3213 0000 0001 0008

Remember to also enter your details in order to thank you and update you on the projects and initiatives of the association.

How are my donations handled?

All donations are registered by our association and processed by our volunteers who, in turn, use to create the various family food packages to send to the families we help. Each additional support allows us to welcome more and more families and to guarantee them food and aid for the whole month.

Each donation is donated to 100% to the cause

You can donate an expense directly to us

APS Association

1TP4 I also help a family