Food at a cost zero

This is an initiative of some crazy dreamers who with so much ambition and will believe that from a small gesture on the part of those who have, they can help and support those who need it most.


What are we going to do

Food at no cost was born in 2016 to help and support families in difficulty through the collection and distribution of food. We have taken care of all the families who pour into a state of need.

Our initiative was born in order to limit food waste and surpluses, distributing resources directly to families thanks to our volunteers. All this is achieved thanks to the will of each of us. We started and are continuing by contributing financially by self-taxing and thanks to the help of various producers and traders who have accepted our requests by embracing our initiative.
We are currently trying to make food recovery agreements with large retailers, both traders and producers. In this period of economic crisis due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we have come to support more than 600 families.

The fight against food waste: Our goal

Raise awareness in the city on the issue of food waste. Educating the younger generations to a new relationship with the growing consumption of the territory which represents one of the great cultural challenges of our time. (Schools, commercial studios, theaters, TV and radio).
Being able to give dignity to people by inserting them into the world of work. Create and activate an organizational secretariat that manages the initiatives and maintains contact with schools, federations and institutions and responds to all the tenders present for the third sector APS Through the job requests that will arrive, we will create a database of names with the characteristics of the resource and possible job outlet so as to facilitate the insertion into the world of work in the most suitable sector. By finding agreements for those who are entering a new profession, it will be possible to give them free courses or internships

Gadda Law 166/2016

The goal of this law enacted in 2016 is to reduce waste by transforming it into opportunities to help people in need and to reduce the environmental impact. Furthermore, the Italian legislation aims to encourage virtuous behavior through incentives, tax relief and awareness campaigns.

Would you like to know more?

We are doing a lot, but we can do better!

Families reached

Monthly expenses


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I want to help

Find out how you can help



Every month we give a smile to many families, you too do a good deed and donate a small amount to make someone else's life lighter



With the growing number of families to help we have a constant need for new volunteers. You too can join our team of volunteers!


Volunteer card

With a small contribution you will have access to our volunteer card which, in addition to helping families in difficulty, guarantees you many other benefits!



Are you a trader? Do you have a supermarket? Do you want to donate your service? Join our partnership program

Do you need help?

If you need help, don't be ashamed and write us to the email specifying what you need, a telephone number where we can call you back and the street of residence where to take our package.
Alternatively, click on the button below and fill out our form directly from our website

FREE Legal Assistance!

Since the end of 2020 we have available to assist us with legal counsel by making an appointment every Saturday morning from 9.30 to 12.00.

Donation by bank transfer

Payable to: Free food

IBAN: IT18K0 83270 3213 0000 0001 0008

Remember to also enter your details in order to thank you and update you on the projects and initiatives of the association.

Thank you

Special thanks to all those who commit themselves every day to contribute to our cause:
Volunteers, lawyers, accountants, designers.
But above all to all of you who have given and who will continue to give.

Without you all this would not be possible.